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Familiar with the classification of screen printing machines, you will not make detours and waste money when purchasing
Many people don’t know much about screen printing machines, and they will inevitably be at a loss when buying them. Let’s take a look today 1. The flat screen printing machine uses a flat screen plat
Screen printing, a sunrise industry
Someone once said this when evaluating screen printing: If you want to find the ideal printing method on the earth to achieve the printing purpose, it is probably the screen printing method. The range
What to pay attention to when using the screen printing machine
The screen printing machine has many functions in the industry, and the application field is very wide. People have several precautions when operating the screen printing machine. Only by understandin
Common mistakes and countermeasures in the process of screen printing
Have you ever used the ink taken out of the ink tank to print directly? Have you ever repeatedly wiped off the ink accumulated on the screen? Have you ever put inappropriate pressure on the squeegee Experience? If you answer all three questions in the affirmative, then you have committed the three taboos in the screen printing process. If you can spend a little thought on the blending of inks, while using a re-tensionable screen to control the angle and speed of the squeegee, you can easily avoid most of the problems encountered in the screen printing process.
What is a pad printer? What is the difference with silk screen?
Pad printing technology is a special printing technology that has just been introduced to China in the 1980s. Because of its obvious advantages in printing on small-area, concave-convex products, it has made up for the shortcomings of screen printing technology. Therefore, it has developed very rapidly in recent years. . In the early 1990s, with the further opening of the Chinese market, a large number of foreign-funded enterprises with traditional industries such as electronics, plastics, gifts, toys and other traditional industries entered the Chinese market one after another. Pad printing technology and screen printing technology became the main decorative methods. According to incomplete statistics, the application of pad printing technology and screen printing technology in the above-mentioned industries has reached 27%, 64%, 51%, and 66% respectively.
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