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        • 商品名称: 175-4VC2--color printing machine with tank
        • 商品编号: 175-4VC2
        • 上架时间: 2010-09-03
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        product description:

        1 LCD liquid crystal panel, Chinese display, microcomputer controls each function, easy operation, which consists of five automatic counter.

        2 high quality cast aluminum body, durable.

        3 table back and forth, left and right, tilt precise adjustment.

        4 may Inking twice, printing once, in order to obtain a thicker printing inks.

        5 can not drop empty lines before and after the glue to prevent the pause when the ink is dry.

        6 self-balancing squeegee pressure, to ensure a clean scraper, squeegee pressure is adjustable.

        7 All pneumatic accessories Japan SMC / Taiwan brand, to ensure good quality of the machine.



        1. All devices are oil cup / oil basin Optional;

        2. All devices can be equipped with automatic pad cleaning device;

        3. All devices can be equipped with hot air devices;

        4. All the multi-color device independent pad configuration options


        Technical Parameters:

        Model plate size Printing speed power supply  Power
        175-4VC2 100*150mm 10000pcs/h 220/110V 50/60HZ