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⊙ Marabu 1-12 color high quality ink basin, ink cup transfer printer;
⊙ Marabu multi-functional and large plane screen printer (screen printers);
⊙ Marabu plane, round, heterotypic and profiling stamping machines, thermal transfer printers;
⊙ PSI high quality transfer printers and silk printing ink;
⊙ Marabu high quality gauge and glue scrapers;
⊙ Relevant supporting transfer printing and silk printing materials.
⊙ First-rate international brand, first-rate international design;
⊙ Whole series of Japan or Germany pneumatic components;
⊙ Japan NATIONAL/NAIS PLC and servo motors;
⊙ cast aluminum body;
⊙ CNC precision machined components;
⊙ Running test at least 24h before ex-factory.