Dongguan Marabu Printing Machinery Co., Ltd.
        Address: Dongguan Changan increased by Tian Heng Road 288 King Yip Industrial Park
        E-mail:[email protected]

        Company Profile


            With over 20years of experience in special printing industry, it leads professional Germany design concept and exquisite manufacturing technology and has more than 20 excellent designers within the industry for professional design, multiple breakthroughs, professional manufacturing and al-round creation of flagship brand in printing industry.

        ⊙ Marabu 1-12 color high quality ink basin, ink cup transfer printer;
        ⊙ Marabu multi-functional and large plane screen printer (screen printers);
        ⊙ Marabu plane, round, heterotypic and profiling stamping machines, thermal transfer printers;
        ⊙ PSI high quality transfer printers and silk printing ink;
        ⊙ Marabu high quality gauge and glue scrapers;
        ⊙ Relevant supporting transfer printing and silk printing materials.

        ⊙ First-rate international brand, first-rate international design;
        ⊙ Whole series of Japan or Germany pneumatic components;
        ⊙ Japan NATIONAL/NAIS PLC and servo motors;
        ⊙ cast aluminum body;
        ⊙ CNC precision machined components;
        ⊙ Running test at least 24h before ex-factory.

        ⊙ Providing not only equipment, but also intimate service; 
        ⊙ Providing not only equipment, but also optimal printing solutions;
        ⊙ Providing not only equipment, but also appropriate printing materials;
        ⊙ Providing not only standard equipment, but also customized equipment and automatic equipment;